Recycling in Japan

Recycle in Japan 4

Recycling in Japan can be really complicated because the system is different from one country to another!

Here, there is a quick summary of the most important things to know:



What to do ?

Where to put them ?

Collection day



PET Plastic bottles Rince them

Put them in a plastic bag until you can sort them on the collection day

Colored boxes are available near the blue nets or in your home for sorting:

– Yellow: glass

– Blue: cans

– Green: plastic bottles


Glass bottles
Plastic containers

(shampoo, conditioner etc.)

Newspapers not wrinkled / not ripped Stacked by type of product and tie with a string as a gift package

DO NOT put them in a plastic bag

When there is little: group them together

For bulky products: flatten (milk cartons etc.).

Place them near the net but without putting them below.


Books and magazines
Packaging paper or paperboard
Milk and juice cartons
Used clothes Put the clothes in a plastic bag, and write:  

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