You don’t know about Line ?!

Line is an application that you can download on the Apple Store, or on the Google PlayStore.What’s its use ? Well, if you have any device that can connect to the Internet you can send message or call for free any of your friend who has a Line account too ! All you need for that is a phone number which you can use to register ! Your friends are after that automatically recommended to you according to your phonebook ! Magic !This app has been launched only in June 2011 and yet it has already more than 20 million members in Japan only !It is therefore very likely that the Japanese people you saw hooked on their Iphone, sending messages were actually on Line.


As a gaijin, not having a smartphone with 3G in Japan you will certainly wonder how that can be of use for you ?
Well first just for your knowledge, but also when you are home or can just connect to a Wifi spot it is much nicer using Line than sending mails with your old prepaid Softbank phone !

What made me fall in love with Line is clearly the “stickers” kind of emoticons you can use during your conversations, they are just so cute !!
Here are some example below !

And beware, you can even buy some of those stickers (Hello Kitty or Mickey Mouse stickers…). The idea can at first seem very far from you but apparently many people are hooked to those kawaii stickers : in 2 months only the company said it earned more then 350 million yens just thanks to their sale !
The characters of the free stickers have also become popular enough to have their own by products, like cuddly toy for instance !