Arty Farty, a gay club in Shinjuku!

After a few days in Japan, one of the question you will ask yourself is, what will I do this weekend? Because of course sightseeing is nice, but you can’t just live on sight seeing! Going out and experiencing Tokyo’s nightlife is also very important! So after trying to find a few information I discovered that clubs can be very expensive here in Japan, like 30€ for most.

I then discovered Arty Farty club. I know that I’m from a small city so thay may explain that, but still I found this club very convenient (on the top of being fun of course). First, the lockers are outside the club, you then won’t have to wait for hours when you want to get back your bag at 5am. Second, you can come and go as you want this club, when entering a small stamp will be made on your arm so you can get some fresh air, talk quietly or even buy a drink in a combini which may be less expensive! And also, the stamp is not visible to the naked eye,to check the presence of the stamp the guards will use some X-Ray light or something. So high tech!! And like that you don’t have to hide your arm when you want to go to work in the morning with a big black stamp that is not very discreet!!


What else, oh yes, of course, the entrance fee is 600 yen with a free drink (you’ll get the stamp on your arm at that time). I guess you have noticed in the title I said that the club is in the gay district of Tokyo, Shinjuku Nichome. For those who are gay, this is good news go ahead and have fun!! If you are not gay, don’t be afraid you won’t get harassed and people are far from being only gay there. Music passing tubes are known to all, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, etc., no Japanese music on the horizon which is a bit unfortunate. You can also ask for your own songs if you come in the beginning of the evening!!

Only small problem, since last September, Arty Farty was victim of the law: « you can’t dance in clubs » (yes yes it’s not a joke). Thanks to a new license they got the club reopened and you can now dance until 1am, so after that why not head in a karaoke in Shinjuku!