Le poids de la nature à Tokyo

The Japanese have long had a special relation to nature, letting it grow without trying to master it, being scared it could get angry and punish them. Nature is considered as almighty and has to be respected, everything has to cohabit together in peace and harmony, and this is what we can see in Japanese floral arrangements, ikebana, Japanese gardens, bonsais or even cherry blossoms, people pay great attention to their environment. Even in Japanese poesy, haïkus are always related to seasons, animals, which leads us once again to this recurrent idea of nature.

Japanese garden

This respect is partly due to its Shinto culture, which considers every element is the manifestation of gods called “Kamis”, and that they are here to protect us, a watercourse, a rock, a stone, a flower, an animal or simply a human-being are this many elements that make the nature what it is. Knowing this, you won’t be surprised finding no less than 77 parks throughout Tokyo, always well-kept and where Japanese people like to gather with their friends when they have some time off, it’s not very often, but it still happens. I already wrote about a few of them, but if you’re looking for a specific park for families, for parties, easy to access to, or if you just want to visit a historic park to have your culture improved a little bit, you’ll find the detailed list right here.

Nature in the center of Tokyo


Well, and as a bonus, I know people tend to think the perfect time to get to Tokyo is around March/April, to see all the cherry trees blossom, it’s true, and it’s very beautiful, but you have to know there are flowers and trees that blossom during the whole year, and some very pretty ones, for instance, at the moment I’m writing this article, Euryole Feroz are the ones brought to the front stage, and you will find them at the Mizumoto Park. I wish I could have taken more pictures of them, but to be honest, I ‘m not really into all this, and the idea of looking for a flower for hours under the burning sun gets me sick, so a wikipedia picture will be perfect I guess. If you have any more picture, feel free to let us know, and if you need the full calendar of the flowering times and the list of the parks you can see the flowers, just follow this link, there’s anything a flower aficionado needs there.

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source photo:www.wikipedia.org