Shimo-kitazawa, get fashionable for cheap !

I don’t really know if we can talk about fashion, but I’d be more likely simply talking about clothing, actually, this district is full of second-hand cloth stores, as well as full-of-charm independent artists’ shops. Before getting to Shimokitazawa, I didn’t really know what to expect from it, I had heard it had something to do with fashion, but nothing more, so I ended up wandering around, navigating the tight streets of this district, trying to find what was “special” here. At one point, apart from all these lovely and original shops making me think of some kind of mini Shibuya, I entered the New York Joe Exchange store, I was about to understand what was special here.

Shimo-Kitazawa shop

So I got into this store that looked just like any normal cloth shop of any city, until I noticed this pair of Nike shoes that didn’t look like brand new at all and thus drew my attention, looking at the price and at the brand’s logo, I realized I was in a second-hand articles shop. That’s the thing, the logo of the brand itself has a “recycling” emblem in it I hadn’t noticed at first, but don’t worry, the price is set according to the general condition of the cloth, so if you want to buy something for cheap, or even sell your old cloth (maybe you don’t have room in your luggage anymore), just get there, maybe you’ll get a little money.

Second hand shop

New York Joe Exchange Shop

In addition to these uncommon fashion stores, you’ll also find very nice normal cloth and hats stores with very nice and affordable products, maybe that’s the reason why young people like this area. If you rush there in the days to come, you might still be able to benefit from the annual sale that’s going on at the moment, do don’t wait a second. Just to remind you, if you finish your shopping quite late and don’t know where to have dinner, you’ll either have the opportunity to get to one of the many nice izakayas nearby but you’ll also find the KFC Route 25, the only KFC in the world that serves alcohol, worth the try ?!

Shimo-Kitazawa shop

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