Swimming and practicing in Ikebukuro

If you had the chance to read my article about The Sunshine 60 observatory in Ikebukuro, you probably ended up wondering what this white windowless huge tower was, and I did the same. Maybe you felt like being in Evangelion’s Tokyo-3 for a second or two, but you’re not, and don’t be worried, nobody lives in this building, growing with no sun, it merely is Toshima garbage factory, and more precisely, the incinerator’s chimney. If you find the opportunity to pass by during the night, the red lights on its wall, used as aerial signals, create a very uncommon ambiance all over the place.

White Tower of Ikebukuro

Maybe you think it’s not worth writing a whole article about this and you’re probably right, but I also wanted to tell you more about the adjacent building that benefits from this incinerating tower. Actually the Health Plaza Toshima, which is located right nearby takes advantage of the energy provided by the combustion of garbage to heat its swimming-pools and for the electricity also. As a symbol of the harmony with the environment, the building also has a little garden on its roof that will help you think this energetic commitment is for the overall well-being of the environment.

Sports room in Ikebukuro

In this other building, you’ll find 4 floors dedicated to sports and health, as well as a reeducation center and other, and as I was mentioning just above, swimming-pools, and according to the actual weather outside, you won’t say no for a little time off swimming right ?! To find the center, nothing much complicated, soon as you get to Ikebukuro’s East exit, just look up to your left, follow this high tower which leans over the whole Toshima area, this is the garbage factory, the facility with the same color right nearby is the Health Plaza, so enjoy yourself !

Higashi Ikebkukuro

Toshima Garbage Factory

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