Kasuga’s Kodokan dojo

Considering Teddy Riner’s late victory during the Olympics, I had to write an article about Judo in Tokyo, on this occasion, I chose to write about one very famous dojo, established in 1882 by Jigoro Kano, the founder of Judo, the Kodokan. Well, the very bad news is I was expecting to post some pictures of karatekas struggling hard to illustrate the article, but when I showed up there, I realized the dojo was closed and this for 5 days, so you’ll merely have a few pictures of the empty premises, and I’m very sorry about that, I got very unlucky on this one.

Kasuga's Dojo

The dojo was called Ko-do-kan, literally “a place to teach the path” after Kano decided to integrate his ju-jutsu teachings to the positive points of other combative forms as well as his own ideas and inspirations to create ju-do. Its concept lies at the maximum efficient use of physical and mental energy of the judoka, so as to perfect his self. According to Kano, this could contribute much to human and social development, including mutual prosperity for self and others.

Judo's Tatami
Judo's room

The Kodokan is a 8-story building and boasts different dojos, including one dedicated to women and another one for children, you’ll find a museum and a library as well. The Kodokan also gives classes to everyone, including foreigners, so it’s the perfect opportunity for you to represent our beautiful country in Japan. The main dojo is located on the 7th floor and is more than 700 square meters big and the 8th floor can welcome around 900 spectators. The dojo is in the Kasuga district, 2 minutes from the Toei Mita line A1 exit, make it to the right soon as you exit the station and go straight ahead, you won’t miss Jigoro Kano’s statue right at the entrance of the building.

The exact address is 1-16-30 Kasuga, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo and if you want to visit either the museum or the library, it’s open from Monday to Friday from 10am to 5pm, closed for holidays and completely free. For any further information, feel free to check the Kodokan website, everything is in English. One last thing, if you want to purchase anything, you’ll find a store one the 1st floor of the building, but please make sure you really want one of these T-shirts as they’re not really what we can call “stylish”.

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website: http://www.kodokan.org