Some pure fun for a Sunday

Two days ago, I told you about events in Yoyogi, but If you get to Yoyogi Koen on a Sunday and from the Harajuku station, there’s a high chance you see crazy rock-styled peopleright in front of the entrance of the park, pompadour haircuts, leather jackets, tattoos, you kno who they are, they are Tokyo’s very famous rockabillies. I remember that in 2010, I didn’t get the chance to see them, but my friend did and told me about them afterwards, more than too years later, even when the heat burns your whole body, they’re still here to play the show, definitely a must-see in Tokyo !

Well, to be honest, I’m not going to write a whole article about them, I know an interview could have been relevant, but due to my lack of understanding in Japanese, it’s just impossible, maybe another time… Anyway, as I was telling you to come over to Yoyogi on weekends, and especially on a Sunday, I was thinking it could be interesting to mention them as they are here every Sunday, and actually, I’ll tell you more about the Yoyogi Park today. I wrote about the live concerts already, but in the other area of the park (the biggest one), this is where everything happens, people meet to practice some sport, to sing, dance, or simply to have a little brunch as well as a couple of drinks of course.

Talking about this, I have the great pleasure to tell you all a huge international “Picnic”, or brunch is organized on Sunday, August 26th and that more than 70 people already ticked “attending”, so if you’re in Tokyo, I really hope you’ll be able to make it. The party is expected to finish late and an after-brunch party will possibly be going on for the strongest of us all (I’ll be one of the survivors of course). The party is bound to start around 1pm, and to make sure you find us, I guess this map will become handy.

I truly hope i’ll see a few readers at the event, tell your friends and don’t forget to bring your beautiful smile as well as your good mood, it’s more important than anything. For complementary information, you’ll find the facebook link here, so see you very soon.

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