Yoyogi Park’s lively weekends

Tokyo finally managed to make me like Sundays again, that’s a fact, back in France, the Sunday is the day you just rest a lot because you partied and drank a little bit too much the day before, anyway, all the shops are closed, there’s nobody in the streets except the few depressed drunk people wandering here like zombies. Well, maybe it’s not exactly like this where you live, but this really is where I do, and I can tell you here is much different, first of all, and you know it, pretty much all the shops are open so we don’t even really notice we’re on a Sunday, and despite the fact that everybody worked like workaholics for the whole week, people still find strength to party in the afternoon. And if there’s one thing I can say, it’s that the Yoyogi Park boasts really unexpected surprises, trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Yoyogi Park on Sunday

Let’s say it, Japan benefits from the fact people can legally drink alcohol in public areas and parks, this without having people staring at them with a wrong eye, and you all know it’s very different in many other countries, so when the Yoyogi Park “B Section” organizes events, everybody spends a really good time. Indeed, most weekends, but also other days, mostly during the summertime, the park throws events and free concerts, so of course you’ll find many booths here to provide you with food and beverage. I know you can drink as much as you want, and that the smell of delicious sausages drives you crazy, but even though nobody will judge you, please respect yourself.

Yoyogi Park on Sunday

Even though any excess is possibly allowed, it’s quite surprising to see the park remains extremely clean and that people are very respectful, I mean they keep their garbage, more people should learn from this I guess. So I went there this weekend as you could imagine, and it was a jazz performance day featuring the “Ocean Peoples”, just check the booths to see what you might need and enjoy the music, promotional booths, nice hostesses and alcohol, the perfect recipe to make your Sunday afternoon unique, so get yourself a hat and run !

Concert in Yoyogi Park

Here is the schedule of the upcoming events:

8.11 Save the Pride !
8.12 Monkey Hard Party
8.15 Zawameki Praise vol. 22
8.17 PEDAL DAY 2012
8.18 BBOY PARK 2012
8.25 Super Yosakoi 2012
8.29 School’s Out 2012

And for the next events, just check here for more information, but everything is in Japanese, so just check the dates, and even if the event’s not good, you’ll still get to meet people, which is good, so do it. To find where in the park to go to find this area, just check the map below, have fun. Just one last think, it’s actually easier to come from the Harajuku station rather than from Yoyogi, don’t ask me why, it’s quite mysterious to me too.

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