In search of some rest along the water ?

Not this long ago, I wrote a short review of Yokohama Chinatown, located in the Motomachi-Chukahai district, but as you know, it’s not quite close from Tokyo itself, and if you go there, you might want to explore it in depth before heading back to the huge metropolis, if so, you’ll have to thank me once again, because I wrote this article just for you. Just to say, I truly understand, and with the amazing weather we’ve had these past couple of days (it’s raining while I’m writing this but the weather was barely standable this past few days, too hot and humid), you’ll be happy to find a green place to spend some time, and the Yamashita Park is exactly what you’re looking for.

Yokohama Pier

As you probably already know, Yokohama is a port city, and thus this park has the huge advantage to be located right by the sea, boasting a unique landscape, though, if you were expecting to dive and do a little bit of swimming, I have to let you know it won’t be possible, it’s a port city come on !! The park extends on around 800 meters, and you’ll come back from your journey with unforgettable memories for sure, full of charm and colors, this very well organized garden will be perfect to offer yourself a little rest after visiting the busy Chukagai, so sit on a bench and let yourself get soothed by the sound of waves and birds flying around, yes you’re in Japan (be careful not to get sunburnt).

Yokohama Boat

To get there, take exit number 1 at Motomachi-Chukagai station, the same you take to go to the Chinese district, but soon as you see the big arch on your left, just cross the street and go straight ahead. If you’re not to sure, just ask anyone “Sumimasen, Yamashita Koen wa dochira desu ka ?” and he’ll help you with pleasure, after that, just walk for some two minutes and you’re there. Take advantage of this green space to relax a little but come back to Tokyo soon (fully tanned), we’re missing you already here !

Yokohama Koen

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