Kappabashi, an unusual kitchen town

First of all, I have to be honest and tell you this article is not going to be this year’s best article, as just very few of the readers will find a real interest in what we will talk about, this article goes straight to the “everyday life category” of the website, and you’ll all find out why very fast. In one of my previous articles about ads in Tokyo, I was mentioning about plastic food in display in every restaurant window, and if you got here already, you saw them for sure, some look very tasty and some other don’t, but maybe were you wondering yourself where they are made, if so, this article will bring you the answer.

Japanese plastic food : sampuru

If you fancy urban treks, and if you were planning to go have a look at the Tokyo Sky Tree and the Asakusa Temple, you’ll just have to walk a little longer towards Ueno to get to this unusual street. Kappabashi-dori is indeed very very uncommon, this is THE place you will find anything related to kitchen furnitures, from ovens to chopsticks, and this is also why this street is called “kitchen town”, you’ll also find registers, plastic food and anything you could possibly think of if you want to launch a new food business in Tokyo, more than one hundred and sixty shops will provide you with the best quality furnitures.

Kappabashi : Kitchen Town

Down south the street, you’ll know you’re in the right avenue when you notice the big Italian chef on top of one of the buildings, this place is definitely one of the most unexpected places in Tokyo, so get ready for more than a kilometer walk to visit all these shops. This district also became famous for its many references to kappas, legendary monsters who became the street’s emblem, but I’ll talk about this in another article. 🙂

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source photo: http://www.wikipedia.org/