How to help your favorite restaurants during pandemic

How to help your favorite restaurants during pandemic


Because of the pandemic, to avoid spreading the virus, restaurants must follow certain rules. They should stop serving alcohol after 7PM and close at 8PM. It reduces their activity a lot as Japanese people are used to “nomikai”, drinking with colleagues in bars after work.

The government wishes to reduce the number of people working in offices to minimize the number of people taking the train. Consequently, people do not go to restaurants for lunch anymore.

These businesses are struggling, but you can still help your favorite restaurant. While some prefer keep their money and cook at home, some started to take out food more and more. It helps businesses keeping afloat because their activity is really reduced. More people also order food to be delivered at their home. Some people really developed a close relationship with some restaurants. And the managers are really grateful to people that continue to come and order. Some people discovered new restaurants as they try to support local shops of their neighborhood, they are worried that only big chains with a lot of money can survive the crisis.

New mobile phone applications also were created, or some created new features that allow you to book a meal for after the emergency plan stop. It means you can pay to book a table in a restaurant now, even if it is closed. It allows business owners to have some money to keep it running and after lockdown is over, you can eat what you order and only worry about your drinks. The booking can be moved as no one knows if the emergency plan will last longer than planned.



In the meantime, stay safe and try to support your local businesses!