Artists struggling during pandemic

Artists struggling during pandemic


Because of the restrictions linked to the ongoing pandemic, artists find themselves struggling. Theaters are closed, so actors cannot give representations anymore. To avoid spreading the virus big gatherings, festivals and music concerts are also canceled. Because of the post restrictions in certain countries, independent workers are also having difficulties as they cannot ship overseas. Some kimono makers that were supposed to work for the Olympics are now deprived of their overseas sells.



How is the government planning to help?


To ease this situation, Japanese Prime Minister plans to give 10,000\ per person to aid the economy. Concerning freelancers, he plans to give an additional 9,000$ when their sells have been seriously dropping.


The Tokyo metropolitan government also announced it planned to help artists (especially musicians) struggling because of the virus. It will commission video content and pay 1 million yen for each video distributed they distribute on the internet and 100,000 yen to everyone who took part in the video. The number of people that will be involve in the video will be reduced to lower the risks.


On online survey about how actors are living the crisis circulated on the internet, it collected more than 880 answers. According to it, 76,3% of the respondents were not paid appearance or cancellation fees for events and filming sessions that had to take to take place but were canceled or postponed due to the pandemic.



The situation is becoming quite alarming for them and the Japanese association for cultural policy research made recommendations on how to help the cultural area that really struggles because of the virus and sent it to the ministry of cultural affairs. They call for an immediate, necessary and long term financial and non-financial support as well as support and reforms for after the pandemic.


However, some theatres, such as kabuki theatre have started to live-stream their shows in April so people can enjoy them online. If you have some time, please check it out and show your support.

For more information, please check out their website here!