Bars and restaurants struggling in Tokyo

Bars and restaurants struggling in Tokyo

Tokyo offers a lot of savory food. Of course world known sushis, but also Monjayaki (okonomiyaki’s cousin that can be found in Monja street), tempuras, ramen, soba… Japan is known for its gastronomy and a lot of people come to Tokyo for culinary tourism. Unfortunately, with the coronavirus crisis, restaurants and bars are struggling in Tokyo, as they have to close at 8PM and stop serving alcohol after 7:30PM. 14 million people are working in food-related business, that means they are impacted by the emergency plan.


The government is strongly recommending businesses to close completely. Some restaurants cannot afford to close as the employee’s salary depend on it. But the Japanese government will offer subsidies to businesses that accept suspension. They will offer 500,000 yen to the managers with one shop and 1,000,000 yen for those running multiple shops.



In some Japanese cities, the government offers reduction or coupons to people ordering food deliveries. That way, restaurants can continue working and it creates temporary delivery jobs. Although, businesses fear that people prefer cooking at home instead of having food delivered to their home. But Tokyo is thinking about putting in place similar offers to help the capital’s restaurants. A 2 million yen economy package was also created in order to help smaller businesses, some restaurants may benefit from this package in addition to the central government’s help.


Before going to a restaurant, think about take-out or delivery, that way you reduce human contact and protect yourself and other from potential contamination.

Stay at home and Stay safe!