Sanitary Plan expanded nationwide

Sanitary Plan expanded


Prime Minister decided to extend the state of emergency through all of Japan. As it appeared that some coronavirus cases were detected in areas that were not concerned by the plan until recently. The state of emergency allows governors to ask non-essential businesses to close, reduce their opening hours and people to stay at home.


The goal of the government is to reduce human contact by 80% to stop the propagation of the virus. That is why businesses should close or reduce the number of employees in the office and bars and restaurants should close early. In Tokyo, supermarkets put transparent plastic sheets in front of the cashier to protect their employees from infection as their job make them vulnerable.


This sanitary plan also allows the government to requisition lands without the owner’s consent if the Japanese hospitals are overbooked. With the goal to turn them into medical facilities. People fearing the virus in Tokyo go to the hospital making them busier and busier, this could allow hospital to treat the most severe cases of virus and to put the less sever somewhere else.



Another concern of the government is the Golden Week. Golden Week is a week of national holidays. Almost all Japanese people take their vacation and go on trips through the country. This year it is supposed to be from May 2nd to May 5th. However, the emergency plan ends on May 6th . That means that during this period, people should still avoid contact and business should remain closed. The train bookings for the Golden Week have never been so low, showing that Japanese people take these measures seriously.


Please remember to stay at home and to go out only for necessary shopping. Stay safe!