The yamanote line and new station opening

The yamanote line


Do you know the yamanote line? This is the main railroad in Tokyo, it makes a circle passing by the main stations of the city. As you can see on the map, it passes through the famous Shibuya with its famous crossing and Hachiko dog statue, Harajuku and its famous Takeshidora street where you can find every fashion from cute Lolita to Hard Goth or Yoyogi with its immense parc and the Meiji-Jingu temple dedicated to Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken, Ueno and its peaceful parc and zoo or peaceful residential areas like Otsuka.


Needless to say that if you want to enjoy Tokyo conveniently,  you better to stay close to a yamanote station, it’s the fastest way to travel around Tokyo and it connects to so many other railways.

There is a new station opened named Takanawa Gate Way after 46 opening postponment on the Yamanote line. It is  located 1.3 km south from Tamachi Station, 0.9 km north from Shinagawa Station, and about 300 meters southeast of Sengakuji Station. If you come to Tokyo next time, please try to check it out. The station itself will be fully completed on 2024.

Anyway, with the ongoing pandemic, try to avoid rush hour, some companies change their opening hours to avoid having their employees riding on crowded trains.

Wear a mask in trains, try not to touch anything with your bare hands and have gel to sanitize you hands. Take care!