Covid-19, what’s happening in Tokyo?

We are going to post here about the situation here in Tokyo as well as making you discover Tokyo and Japan.


The Prime minister, Abe issued a sanitary emergency plan for Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba, Osaka, Hyougo, Fukuoka and possibly Aichi. It gives certain power to the local governors, as to call the people to stay at home and to call for non-vital businesses to close. But it’s an “advice” , hence many of businesses chose not to close. There still is some people on the street, walking and enjoying the beginning of warm days and the end of sakura season and a lot of shops are still open.









However, the total number of people walking around is reducing gradually.

You can see in the picture the sunshine city mall in Ikebukuro with all the shops closed. The mall is famous for entertainment, with an aquarium, restaurants and many popular shops such as Dinsey store or Ghibli studio store.

If you plan to experience this emptiness and wander in the mall with others, be sure to bring your mask and some gel to wash your hands, take care!

We will keep posting how Tokyo is, now.