Calpis drinks at Pearl Lady – Sweet and Fresh for the summer

Every few years some drink trends from Asia hit the West. You know Milk Tea? Bubble Tea? I am sure you at least heard about it, if not tried it yourself.
But have you ever stumbled upon Calpis before? This one is still to be discovered outside of Asia. Which is a shame, because I am positive it would be a hit. If you are already in Tokyo for a while of course this is no news to you. You basically find it in every second beverage vending machine.

But combine the three things and you get a fun and awesome looking drink that is perfect for the summer! In Shinjuku you can find a rather small corner shop on the street you will not fail to notice though. Pearl Lady has quite the selection of different combinations of beverages and toppings. I enjoyed a strawberry calpis drink with colored tapioca toppings. The taste is fresh, sweet and fruity – perfect for the warm summer days about to come. And even if it is not that warm yet – you can choose the amount of ice you like. The prices vary from 300 Yen for small size to about 600 Yen for big size.

For the thirsty and the hungry

If you are hungry you can enjoy crepes that are quite popular around Tokyo. They will serve them as a roll, so you can easily hold them. It just looks delicious! Some of their toppings are even savoury flavour if you are not so much of a sweettooth.

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SHINJUKU TOHO BLDG, 1 Chome-19-1 Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo 160-0021