Dinning at Fuji Soba Restaurant in Otsuka Station

Sunday night. It’s super cold outside, we are in the winter time.
Tonight, i have a little rendez-vous at BAR SPEAK EASY TOKYO with friends.
I’m a bit hungry and would like keep money to drink some cocktails later in the night, then i’m looking for a nice and acceptable price restaurant.
Just out from the train station, i decided to move in the south exit of Otsuka and after making a little tour, i choose this restaurant, the FUJI SOBA Restaurant!capture-decran-2017-01-23-a-05-48-28
The point which push me in was to see the vegetables deeps fried in the kitchen…Sometimes, don’t need a lot of thing, right?capture-decran-2017-01-23-a-05-49-59
Also they have a lot of soup and hot soba, and believe me, with this cold time, it’s always a pleasure.
After made my selection on the machine, you have to know that you have the principal dish but you can add different toppings and elements…img_5034 i just wait 5 minutes.
And look what arrived!

The hot sobas were super. Very hot, with fresh onions and seaweed. I just added a bit of Soya Sauce…
The vegetables frieds were good too. I added some spicies, but were really good. After that, i was totally full and prepared to go outside for a while.
The staff is nice and efficient. The prices are really abordable and it’s clean. For the plate you saw up, i paid 550 yens! If i have to come back around Otsuka station for a fast and hot dinning, i propbably come back overthere!

Have a good time and see you soon around!