Cinnabon, a scent you can’t easily forget

Just by walking past this location in Roppongi makes you feel like you’re in heaven. Already 20 meters away you can smell the heavenly scent running through your nose. After that warm vanilla and cinnamon scent hits, people tend to just stop and sniff a few times before going into Cinnabon.

So,that’s what happened to me: After that scent hit me I went directly into the store, and it smelled even better inside.

Cinnabon offers their usual cinnamon rolls (large, medium, mini) and other flavors such as pecan and chocolate. Besides the cinnamon rolls, they also offer some good coffee from Seattle’s Best Coffee.
The seating on the 1st and 2nd floor are great, there’s also a seperated smoking area, so it won’t smell smoky in the other areas. Plugs and free wifi are also included!
That being said, this store is convenient, the staff friendly and the smell heavenly. A perfect spot to pick a little (or big) treat for yourself or your friends.


Cinnamon rolls

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