Skating in Tokyo

Tokyo is one of those cities governed by bikes (apart that by pedestrians, of course), there are bikers everywhere and the street seems to have been built with that idea in mind, having smooth and wide sidewalks. Of course there are many cars as well, but the congestion in those terms is far less notorious than in most of the other big metropolis of the world.

But what about if we decide to do things in another way and, instead of getting a bike, go with skateboard around the city? As I said the road and the sidewalks are smooth, so whenever you can cycle you can skate as well. Also, since there are public transport stations every few hundred meters, one doesn’t need to ride for long, so a skate seems very appropriate for the short distances that we will usually need to cruise. So yeah, skating around the city it’s not only a fun way to move around but it’s also convenient!


I actually started to skate in Tokyo just a few weeks ago and so far it’s good! Also, I discovered a new type of wheels which I‘ve been using for a few days and I’m very happy with them, so would like to share with you. They’re called Shark Wheels and the most shocking thing about them is its shape, which it looks somewhere in the middle between a circle and a square, following a three-dimensional sine wave pattern. I know they look weird, but once one is over the table the sensations are completely normal, the wheels are FAST and the grip is better than with conventional wheels. Also I feel that cruising now its smoother, due the material of the wheels probably, which is kind of soft. So overall, once riding you won’t feel a huge difference when using Shark Wheels or conventional ones (although I would say the first ones offer a better experience, at least compared with the previous wheels I had), but I guess that the coolest thing about Shark Wheels is its shape and how weird and cool they look!


I left a couple of pictures and the website below with some extra information in case you wanna know more about Shark Wheels.