Oculus Rift in Akihabara

I’m sure you have heard about the Oculus Rift and how amazing it seems to be. But well, just in case you haven’t, just tell you that Oculus Rift is the name of a virtual reality glasses developed by Oculus VR, company that was recently bought by Facebook. The device is not yet for sale (only the Developer Kit is available) but it’s final version is expected to be launched at 2015. So for regular customers to have the chance to try the glasses it’s not so easy, that’s why I would like to share with you a place in Tokyo where you can try them for free.

Oculus Rift

The shop is called G-Tune and it’s in Akihabara, less than 5 minutes walking from the station, direction to Ueno. Once there you’ll be able to try the glasses with 3 videos and one aviation game (pretty cool). As for the videos, there is one about ski, another one about a roller coaster built just below the Tokyo SkyTree (that’s probably the best video to really understand what Oculus Rift can offer), and finally a kind of voyeur video where a girl puts her foot over our face… my favorite.

G-Tune Garage
Tokyo, Japan
website: http://www.g-tune.jp