Let’s see our heroes at the Square Enix Tokyo’s store

Probably most of you have heard about Akihabara, Tokyo’s Electric and Anime district and the center of otaku culture not only in Tokyo but I would say in the whole world. There you can find almost anything related not only to anime but also to videogame culture. However, if what you want is to see the most exclusive merchandising from series such as Dragon Quest, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy or even Lord of Vermillion, then you should head somewhere else.


Where? To Higashi-Shinjuku Subway Station (Toei Oedo Line and Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line), from where you should walk around 5 minutes until you find the Square Enix’s official store in Tokyo. There you will be able to see many merchandising from Square-Enix game franchises and also some exclusive goods that you can only find in Artnia (that’s the name of the store). The place is not so big but it’s packed with figures, books, music cd’s, games, jewelry and many other things related to S-E most popular IDs. Sometimes it looks more like museum, other times more like a shop, and it has also a coffee actually and a very futuristic architecture to be enjoyed.


The only thing fans will not like is that this new location of Square Enix Tokyo’s store (the previous one was closed down on November 25th 2012) doesn’t have under its floor that huge 1:1 scale figure of Sephirot (see picture below), which makes me wonder… ¿Where is now Sephirot’s real-size figure?

Square-Enix official store – ARTNIA
1F Shinjuku EastSide Square
6-27-30 Tokyo, Japan
Shibuya-ku – the closest acces is Komagome station
Open from 11:00 to 22:00 (closed on Thursdays)