Trouver un travail au Japon avec

If you are looking for a job or a working holiday visa in Japan, is the website you’ll want to follow.

Launched in early September, the website is young, but its concept is promising.

The Japanese economy, althought always strong was having a low growth for the last few decades. This is not true anymore since the beginning of 2013. Indeed, the growth rate for second semester was over 3.5%. Compared to France and Europe, the growth rate is much stronger in Japan. Growth isn’t the only rate that is better in Japan. The unemployment rate in Japan is 4,1%, this is much lower than 11% in France (August 2013).

While it is very difficult to find a job in France, Japan with its automotive industry, Hi-techs, modernity and comfort is an attractive country. A hiring country! Japanese companies are looking for new ideas, different and outer looks to their business. They are willing to recruit in Europe and even more in France. Indeed, French people are seen as creative, dynamics, smart and open-minded. Japanese companies appreciate very much those qualities.

Moreover, thanks to the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan is setting up huge projects of modernization, extension and construction, for both its sportive infrastructures and culture/leisure places, parks, public transportation … To build buildings, you need to build jobs first. During the next few years, Japan is going to need workers, engineers, managers to prepare for 2020. What is better than an international workforce to get ready for an international event?

Workingholidaypeople is the answer to those events and was created because it can be difficult for foreigners to find a job in japan, especially when it is their first visit or if they don’t speak Japanese. objective is to gather foreigners looking for a job in Japan and Japanese companies. Then the website provide them with tools to find a collaborator who suits them and to contact him.

The website is available in English, French and Japanese. Most of the contacts with the companies are conducted in English, which makes it easier for Japanese non-speaking persons.

The two main problems when looking for a job in Japan or the language and the way to get in touch with Japanese companies. solves those problems in a simple and efficient way.

The website is young but was created by company with years of experience in a multicultural and Japanese environment. is very easy to use. All you have to do is click on the following link : and create your profile. In order to maximise the impact of your profile, it is advised to fill everything, with a lot of information. Be true, precise, clear. When your profile is created, you just need to wait to be contacted by a company for a job offer, an interview … possesses every strengths needed to be successful: a great business idea, experience, efficient tools. All that is missing is community and a job seekers database, which will permit to attract more and more companies and offer more job opportunities.

We are already enthusiastic about the idea, and I bet you will be too after registering at

Oh, and I didn’t point it out, but the website is entirely free! No more excuses!